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Short Code & Long Code SMS


SMS Short code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the customers. In a shared short code environment every company which wants to avail this service will be provided with a Keyword (Keyword is an unique identifier for your company on our shared short code. e.g. if, your companies name is Excel Company and you took a keyword say Excom on our short code then every message which starts with Excom and a blank space will be forwarded to your panel. In short we recognize the incoming messages on the basis of keywords and forward it to the respective companies account.

Long number (e.g. 9710411234), also known as a virtual mobile number or long code, is a reception mechanism used by businesses to receive SMS messages and voice calls. As well as being internationally available, long numbers enable businesses to have their own number, rather than short codes which are generally shared across a lot of brands. Long Numbers allows a wide range of industries to generate large amounts of mobile-originated SMS from the subscriber.